Directions to Chabad Kyoto Jewish Center:

12-101 Uzumasa Yasui Mitodencho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan 616-8073
〒616-8073 京都府京都市右京区太秦安井水戸田町 12-101

If you wish to come by taxi or if you are using a navigation app that is not based on Google Maps, please use the following address:
京都府京都市右京区太秦安井水戸田町12−5 and enter the parking lot until the wall, our house is the two-family home to your right. Click here for directions in Japanese.


When coming from Oike-Dori, enter the small road across the street from Toyota, just West of Family Mart (point "1" on the map) and follow the path on the map. —The "Toyota" has been demolished, currently there is a construction site there.
The only way to arrive at the Chabad house is by following the path. Taxis may take you to point "2", you must go west and take the path of the blue line.