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Welcome to Chabad of Kyoto!

Whether you are local or just passing through Kyoto, we invite you to come visit us at our Chabad House!
We strive to perfect the Jewish Kyoto experience by catering to the needs of any Jew that finds themselves in Kyoto, Japan.
Hope you enjoy your stay!
Rabbi Dovid & Chaya Mushka Posner
Mendel, Chana & Rivkah


Click here for Kyoto Tourist Information including Accommodations, Kosher Food, Mikvah, & more!
Kosher food catering services are available! click here for more info.
Join us for a delicious Shabbat meal, in a warm traditional atmosphere.
Come celebrate the Jewish holidays around the year in true Chabad fashion!
Click here for information on the Mikvahs in Japan.
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